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Czech Republic – road tax

De tjekkiske myndigheder har med virkning fra den 1. januar 2011 gennemført en forhøjelse på 25%, af den per 01.01.2007 indførte MAUT afgift.

As of January 1st, 2011 an increase in the roadtaxes of 25% (implemented January 1st, 2007) has been deceided byt the Authorities in Czech Republic.
This increase is valid for the enire raod system in Czech Republic. That means the the road tax will be increased not only for local traffic but also for transit traffic to Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
All truck with a capacity of more than 12 tons have to paid a tax pr. kilometre whether the truck is loaded or empty. The tax depends on the Euronorm and the road.
This tax, on which we have no influence at all, will be charged as a seperate fee to our clients as of the 1st of January 2011
For further info, please contact your local Jumbo Transport staff