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The Italian government will introduce a requirement on Friday 15 October that everyone in the Italian workforce must be vaccinated or present a negative COVID-19 test, which is a maximum of 48 hours old to show up for work. This applies to both employees in the private and public sector.

Negotiations are currently underway between the Italian government and the trade unions on the consequences of this move.

The effect of the legislation will be that loading and unloading can not be carried out unless the driver can present a valid coronapas (vaccination) or a negative test, which has been carried out within the last 48 hours.

The authorities have also announced that inspection visits will be carried out at the companies to ensure that the legislation is complied with.

We do not know the extent of this measure yet, but we expect that it may result in longer transit times and the risk of lack of capacity.

At Jumbo Transport A / S, we naturally follow developments, and we are in close dialogue with our colleagues in Italy. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more about the situation.