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Jumbo Transport Eastern Europe

Jumbo Transport Eastern Europe

Is a member of the Danish Jumbo Transport Group. Jumbo Transport Eastern Europe includes group members in Estonia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, and Hungary. In other countries we are cooperating with well-known partners and agents.

Jumbo Transport Eastern Europe and Central- and Eastern Europe
Together with our well-known and professionel partners all over Eastern- and Central Europe, we are offering high levelled, personal and just in time services related to transport-, forwarding and logistic services

  • Between Eastern- and Central European Countries and Scandinavia / Western Europe.
  • Within and between Eastern- and Central European countries.
  • Shipping activities from Far East to Eastern- and Central European Countries.

We are specialized in road transportation – full-load, part-load and groupage – to/from all Eastern- and Central European countries.

The range of our road transportation and logistic services includes all countries in Eastern- and Central Europe


Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia,
Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Turkey,
Russia, Belarussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kaukasia.


Objective of Jumbo Transport is to be an active sparring partner for firms with transport- and logistic requirements in Eastern and Central Euope as well as other countries, which are strongly related to our transport concept.

Jumbo Transport is an alternative for professional transport buyers in the field of international transport.

Our hallmarks are quality, personal service and flexibility. This secured by well-qualified and committed employees as well as a wide network of well known partners and agents.

Jumbo Transport Eastern Europe – transport concept includes:

  • Bilateral traffics between all Eastern- and Central Euopean countries vice versa.
  • Daily full-load and part-load organization to all destinations.
  • Weekly groupage services export and import.
  • Custom Warehousing, custom clearance, distribution and logistics services via main platforms in all countries.
  • Scandinavian logistics via logistic Warehouse in Copoenhagen.
  • Door to door transports.
  • Distribution services.
  • Custom transit delivery services.
  • Scandinavian logistic solutions/services.
  • Gateway for Scandinavia and Baltic States, Russia etc.
  • Transportorganization from all over Europe to all Eastern- and Central Europe.
  • Transportorganization from Far East via European Gateways.
  • Project transport- and forwarding.

Jumbo Transpor Eastern Europe – Guarantee/Insurance

is a member of the Danish Association of Freight Forwarders (Danske Speditører) and is thus covered by the Association’s guarantee fund.

CMR insurance is taken out for all international road transport and forwarder’s liability insurance is taken out for all assignments. Moreover, all assignments are carried out in accordance with the general provisions of the NSAB 2000, Nordic Federation of Freight Forwarders (Nordisk Speditørforbund).