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Law plays a major role in modern freight forwarding. There can be challenges in the relationship between sender and receiver, the Customs Authorities in Denmark or in other countries, to insurance companies or damages on the goods during transport. At Jumbo Transport we have qualified staff within the various disciplines who are ready to guide and advise you if you have any questions. If the problems have already occurred, we are of course ready to assist you.

Below you can read more about NSAB 2000 and the various transport laws. NSAB 2000 which is a Standard Condition of trading associations for both buyers of transport and providers who have agreed upon, should be applicable for transport to and from the Nordic Countries. Here you can read about dispersion of responsibility and limitation of responsibility. The different laws on transportation are often drawn up in UN.

You can also read about transport insurance. Transport insurance is relevant if you want to ensure full compensation in claims.

Transport legislation and NSAB 2000

There are transport laws for each mode of transport, and they are all prepared by international organisations (mainly UN), to ensure common rules in as many countries as possible. Like all other legislation, there are of course complicated legal areas, but below are the main points briefly commented on, and a guide can be found to some of the most important rules.

Common to transport laws, they regulate the responsibilities of the carrier due to the damage, and the carrier’s maximum liability. Thus, all laws limiting the liability of carriers, which means that the shipper can risk only to get replaced a smaller amount than it has lost. To avoid this, we always recommend options for transport insurance are examined. Likewise, laws contain rules for when and how to be advertised towards the carrier. If these time rules are not observed, it may cause the carrier to not be liable. Finally, the various laws contain rules for how the claim can be measured. Basically only product value is being replaced, and not lost profits, lost work time and other consequential costs.

Transport insurance